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The headwrap, a piece of seduction

The headwrap, a piece of seduction

A timeless seduction accessory

The African scarf, has come back into fashion. Each woman, men also in turban or kala, ties it in her own way, the main thing is to be "seductive". To have style!
In Africa and all over the world, the scarf has a very different value: it is first of all a weapon of seduction. The moussor is now an aesthetic and, to some extent, practical ornament.
In fact, its primary function among black women was to protect the hair. It was not necessary to protect it in any way, however, ah yes, we are coquettish! The hair tie was sought after and should above all make the woman even more attractive even though her head was covered with this piece of fabric.

Couples have their own language, a woman just by tying her scarf in a certain way sends a message to her partner. The knots gave information about the woman's mood.

Femmes Yoruba en tenue traditionnelle, celle du milieu fait un mix entre le style européen et africain. Photo: Pigozzi Collection of Contemporary African Art

The scarf symbol of the accomplished woman

From the Gele of the Yoruba women to the Moussoro of the Malian women, the scarf defined the status of the woman: married or single.
In Mali, the "Demba diala" is a symbolic and highly distinctive scarf worn exclusively by the in-laws of the bride and groom at wedding ceremonies. Styles are named according to ethnicity, such as Moussoro or Missoro among the (Bambara and Fulani,) Gnoubouholo (Senufo), K'sa (Tuareg), Bissoro or Yipanado (Soninke).

Look at my scarf, I'm...

A scarf attachment can reveal a lot about the woman wearing it. For example among the Yoruba of Nigeria a scarf tied on the right means that the woman is married, on the left she is single.
An interested man already knows who he is dealing with. More effective than dating sites? even so!
The headscarf used to mark the young woman's transition from bachelor to the higher and more honorable rank of married woman. The girls of the past dreamed of the day when they would wear a "handkerchief" on their head as a symbol of a change in status.

The rebirth of the scarf

Black women have always worn the headscarf and all over the world. Often considered as the piece of too much limit folklore, today its wearing has become uncomplicated. Today the aesthetic function prevails over others (married or single). Men admire a woman who wears her "Tagal" with pride".

Wearing the scarf is part of the fashion trends of the moment, let's say that it rose from its ashes. Whatever one may say, the turban has something classy and no woman goes unnoticed with a beautiful chiffon.
We can already remember how queens like Grace Kelly of Monaco used to wear it and thus reveal all its "majesty and glamour and chic style".

Grace Kelly de Monaco Photo: Pinterest

The moussor, a must-have accessory for the wardrobe

In Africa the scarf is often tied on the head, it is mostly used to protect the hair from dust and sun. The fabrics are often very colorful, they are real fashion accessories.
It can be worn and knotted as a tie, a pareo, a top or a jewel. All ideas are good to use your scarf roll it around the wrist as a bracelet, wear it as a belt in the loops of your jeans.
Oh yes, I give you ideas, I don't want to forget men!

Hairdressing with a mousse

Wearing a scarf, whatever its shape, color or material, allows you to be beautiful and express your personality. The choice of style should match your personality as well as the way you wear it.

To learn how to attach a turban go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPPlgjbLy24

Let your imagination go!