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AWA B. My Baol Baol Heritage, My DNA

Awa b. honoring handmade embroidery heritage

My Baol Baol heritage, My signature

They loved it!

  • Hi Awa, I just received my turbans too beautiful and easy to wear. thank you!

    Nene Galle - Paris

  • Hi Awa, the turban is gorgeous! I'll put it on this evening

    Steph - Bruxelles

  • I received my three moussormas, they are so stylish. You are the best, finally no need to tie my turban

    Didi - Paris

  • All my colleagues in DC love your turbans. The fact that they are already pre-tied makes them love them even more. Bravoo Awa

    Moussokoro - Whashington

  • I'm discovering the moussormas, finally! I won't waste time in the morning doing my headwrap. It's stylish and so practical I'm a like pro ;-)

    Maryse - Guadeloupe

  • I'm discovering the moussormas, finally! I won't waste time in the morning anymore. It's stylish and so practical I'm a pro ;-)

    Fatma - Dakar

  • The mayor of Corcuera Romblon in the Philipines loves wearing your turban to work. She loves the convenience of pre-tied scarf.

    Khaita - Dakar

  • Thank you Awa I received my turbans it is very nice, really you do a great job

    Mbenoye - Allemagne

  • Hi Awa, I got the jumpsuit, it is gorgeous and fits perfectly. You have a very nice store, I will definitely come back! Thank you so much! Ingrid

    Ingrid - Belgium

  • " My shooting was great thanks to my gorgeous turban. It's so easy to wear, practical and style for a workig girl like me"

    Sheereen bloger - Bahrain

  • Hi Awa, thanks again for the two Moussors. I really love them and want to order another one or two 😉 Is that possible? And do you have any flyers of your brand? We would love to give those to other breast cancer clients and I would also leave some of them in my hospital :) - Berlin

    Very happy and satisfied customer using our chemoturban

Who make your handmade embroidery clothes?

We are a small sustainable fashion label, we believe in quality, people care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Creative and inspired by our embroidery heritage  each clothe represents the craftsmanship of Diourbel Women, we uplift them to be independant