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Les Moussors de Awa with Toogal Djangue for girls education - Agnes founder of association

Toogal Djangue, keep girls at shool

Marie-Agnes Dieme founder 

For 2017 and 2019 i collaborate to give fashion show at the Annual Barbecue & Fundraising Gala

described Toogal Djangue as a project that is dedicated to sending as many girls as possible to school for as long as possible.
In concrete terms, we are currently financing the schooling of girls from kindergarten to university.
Even though our association is still young, we continue the momentum of a project that started 20 years ago.
With the money we raise through sponsorship or with the proceeds of events (think of our annual BBQ), we invest in:
=> The registration fees of the students we sponsor at the school
=> Their uniforms and tutoring fees
=> The purchase of school materials
=> Strengthening the school infrastructure (toilets, canteens ......)

We don't just collect money, we also need to look for school supplies and educational materials to send to the Senegalese schools we support. Photo: 2017

Most of the time when a family is deprived they invest in boys education. The girls stay at home and their only project is marriage. Toogal djangue helps these families by providing schooling for the young girls, paying for all the schooling but also and above all offering the canteen.

It does not stop there: medical equipment is offered to the health center. In order to prevent the boys from dropping out of school and idleness, the association accompanies soccer clubs by giving the necessary equipment.
For children who drop out of school a design training school is also opened in Thiés in Senegal.