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My Story


I grew up in Diourbel, Baol, living now in Belgium where i run my business as entrepreneur make me see how lucky i am to be able to express these different influences in my creation. 

I come from a city, DIOURBEL, with a lot of indigenous crafts. Unfortunately, craft knowledge will disappear due of lack of concentrated efforts on vocational training and also from fake embroideries.

I am a fashion designer born and raised in Senegal and one of the first to introduce ready to wear headwrap “MOUSSORMA”. Moussorma is pre-tied turban, a fusion of contemporary headpieces and traditional shapes to give my label, Les Moussors de Awa have a very distinct signature and DNA. 

 I started my company in Senegal in 2016 using digital technology that has proven to be the best tool for women to become an entrepreneur.

Born in an atypical senegalese household. I lost my mum at 8, my siblings and I were raised by our father a feminist man who has a vision of what place a girl/woman can occupy in our society. 

We, girls, were not expected to play stereotypical roles, we have the freedom to pursue our career like our brothers.

I did my underground school and high school in Diourbel. 

I graduated in law at Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis Senegal and three Masters in labor Law, human resources then marketing and communication from University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, Ichec Management School in Brussels. 

To work in my sector, law, I did my equivalence in ULB Belgium.

After many experiences as consultant, financial analyst, HR officer and Media coordinator in telco companies in Belgium and Senegal I decided to do what I always loved and wanted:



I take inspiration from my culture and every part of my signature design is an homage to my Baol Baol heritage and my mum who was one of the most talented people in embroidery.

Thanks to my travel all over the world, the different cities where I lived, I translated all these inspirations into contemporary and futuristic shapes that redefine elegance and a way of being. My turban, my clothes speak. 

 Today I am member of ATELIER221 our vision is to create a real slow fashion industry in Senegal, then Afrika. Fashion, art, THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY, are the first employers in Senegal.

Between fashion event, fashion talks and fighting for social justice (violence against women, kids, education, health) my vision is to realize my potential and responsibility as a prominent figure in the senegalese fashion industry and a Black entrepreneur who pushes boundaries in the world of fashion.