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Les Moussors de Awa is a sustainable men and women apparel and head accessories label handcrafted for you with a positive impact on our partner life, artisan women in Diourbel. 

 We are keeping ancient craft method and headpieces bow technical skill pass from generation to generation to design modern contemporary pieces.

Our brand in collaboration with women handcrafting embroidery in Diourbel and young designer is constantly designing new collection. 

We pay meticulous attention while curating each pieces of fabric to practical ready-to-wear pieces who speaks for themselves, of our spirit inspired by African heritage and influenced by my travel. We show how the extravagance of our culture can be fused with fashion. 

We bring culture in fashion.



Les Moussors de Awa is a conscious brand which work with women in Diourbel/Senegal to lift them into a sustainable economic atmosphere. 

Their traditional knowledge craft about embroidery combine with Awa creativity are reviving them as contemporary fashion to achieve stand-out designs in both clothing and headpieces.

Our accessories are designed by us and handmade by women artisans in Senegal. Having our pieces made in Diourbel allows us to have a transformative impact on the lives of our artisan partners. 


Our label produces in Senegal in collaboration with craft women with the goal of sustaining their work and keeping the know-how alive. 

We support communities focusing on their skills development and mentoring them to develop entrepreneurial abilities leading towards making them productive members of society. 

They can sustain themselves, become financially independent and invest in their kids’ education.

Each of our pieces has a special meaning thanks to our value chain process which is about giving to our customers standout clothes and headpieces without compromising people quality of life, social and economic development. 

 These craft workers are also upskilled by thinking and designing home furniture with embroidery « SOR » 

 By producing in Senegal, we will participate in building a real slow fashion industry which have an impact in youth and women lives and further, the economy.  

We want to take women and men on a journey standing out for who they are, 

being bold wearing our pieces.