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Défilé collection capsule DUND - EXISTER Afro Debout

Défilé collection capsule DUND - EXISTER Afro Debout

For its 1st edition of the "Afro Debout" conferences, the organizers received Rokhaya Diallo and Assa Traore as speakers. This event was an opportunity to address issues that concern Afro-descendant communities and participate in the stigmatization of them, but also an opportunity to look back on the respective careers of the long-awaited speakers.
In the first part of the program, AWA B.AOL by Les Moussors de Awa had the honor to present a special collection.

It is called DUND which means to exist in Wolof. Why EXIST ?
It is an ode to the:

Nobody should apologize for existing, for being who they are, for living freely. This collection is a multitude of prints, patterns, colors that reflect who we are and who we want to be while coexisting in the respect of the dignity of each human being.
The clothes speak about our origins, beliefs, who we are, where we live and how we live.

Different citizens but united for a common ideal of life, full-fledged citizens who have the right to exist, to fully enjoy their rights, the same rights and opportunities as any European citizens and any person on the ground where they live.
to be respected, to be able to dream
no matter their:
- skin color
- ethnicity
- religion
- sexual orientation
- appearance
- gender

Thanks to Afro Debout for the trust,to the whole team and special clap to the models without whom you would not be so amazed.